Welcome!! We are honored and excited to be a resource for our trans communities and help build a bridge of understanding and compassion between radical queer spaces and mainstream eating disorder networks. Although we are working to educate ED healthcare professionals to provide more gender-literate and appropriate, accessible treatment; we believe that some of the most transformative, empowering and helpful healing work is engendered by turning to our own communities for support and knowledge. Moreover, even as traditional eating disorder resources catch on to cultural competencies and gender literacy, many of us can't access or afford that type of (often privatized and boutique) care. T-FFED believes in the transcendent and inherent power of community, and we aim to make healing accessible to everyone.


        We produced our first Healing Intensive in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 22, 2014. It was a tremendous day of connection, community building, supportive spaces, love and community care! Huge thanks to all who attended, facilitated workshops and helped make our day a beautiful space. 


For Trans and Gender-Diverse Folx



We Invite You to Participate in the T-FFED

Visibility Project!


        T-FFED is challenging the stereotype that only white, cis, young, able-bodied women struggle with eating disorders. We are confronting and undermining this dangerous narrative of privilege and exclusivity by putting our names and faces to the epidemic of EDs in our communities, and we invite you to join us in changing media portrayals and archetypes of eating disorders. We understand this takes guts, cojones, chutzpah- but there is a total lack of adequate representation in the mainstream eating disorder community and in media, and representation MATTERS. We hope for an entire gallery of folx stating their feelings around their ED experience or what reforms they'd like to see in the way EDs are conceptualized, researched, treated and portrayed. Your portrait can say anything you like; below are some portraits of T-FFED Team members to use as a guide. Let's change the face of EDs and demonstrate that we exist and deserve accessible, gender-literate treatment options! 

Advocacy Work


        Eating disorders and recovery are difficult enough without factoring in ignorance and transphobia. If you are experiencing difficulty with a healthcare professional or facility, please let us know so we might advocate on your behalf and direct the therapist or staff to helpful trans cultural competency resources, as well as offer them our training so they can better serve your needs and facilitate your recovery.


        We are excited and honored to be partnered with the Alliance for Eating Disorders to develop the first database of therapists and recovery facilities who accept trans folx, as well as what they offer in terms of gender-literate, holistic care! We are also working on developing a basic, one-page pocket guide for folx to easily hand to healthcare professionals who lack adequate knowledge in trans issues or gender literacy. Link to directory coming in the near future!

Join Our Support Group! 

T-FFED has a closed trans/non-binary support group on faceboook:


        We welcome you to join the discussion, share your experience/struggles and find support and resources! In the near future, we're excited to create a support forum as part of our website so we can reach folx not on facebook and better respect anonymity and those still in the closet about either trans- or ED-related issues.


       We are currently not offering in person support groups, but we are working on creating an online one as of 2019.


















Proposed/Future Initiatives


  1. A pledge campaign, including a mentorship (and scholarship?) program to increase the diversity and representation of ED facility treatment teams.

  2. A youth ED prevention program identifying high school students through their GSAs, focusing on body positivity, developing healthy coping mechanisms and empowerment through social justice action.


If you would like to be involved in any of these future initiatives or can help us connect to resources that might facilitate these programs, please let us know!